FM BIRD has been serving as a leading professional “with voice” for a number of media including radio broadcasting for over 25 years. The pioneering management company in radio/voice talents proudly presents a number of award winning “legends” in FM radio broadcasting including Nao Kaneko and Fumika Hideshima. Having launched Japan’s first radio DJ training course, FM BIRD continues to train and discover new talents, many of which are now sensational radio DJ in the country.
For other services FM BIRD provides, we commit to planning and producing TV/radio programs, advertisement, events both domestic and international, publications, and digital contents since its foundation.
And with our extensive career of experience in multilingual consultation, translation, interpretation, multilingual voiceover for media/events, FM BIRD also offers service in business consulting primarily in inbound marketing, for visionary and frontier-developing companies.

Talent Management Division
B2B Division (International Business Consulting, Contents production)
Academy Division(Radio DJ workshop, One on one speech training lesson)

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Spread the wings, and soar high and ahead
Voice with spirit, to touch your heart like never before.

Since its foundation in 1994, FM BIRD has been serving to offer talents and entertainment to the world with sincerity and flexibility. We continue to strive and develop capacity development to share happiness, and contribute to creating art at its best quality.

★FM BIRD - Philosophy
・We contribute in talent management with respect to humanity, and maintain a work environment.
・We foster art, brush it up, establish and maintain an educational system to help talent grow.
・We contribute in cultural development to help enrich and embrace people’s daily life and heart through broadcasting and voicing.

Fumika Hideshima (Radio Personality)
2019 The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association Awards
Best Radio Program - Entertainment

Nao Kaneko (Radio Personality)
2015 The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association Awards
Japan FM Network Award - Program planning - Special award

Makiko Stapf Nagakura (Program Formatting, Translation, Interview, Narration)
2014 52nd The Galaxy Award (NPO Broadcasting Criticism Meeting)
Honors for Programs Recommended in Radio Broadcasting

Makiko Stapf Nagakura (Program Formatting, Translation, Interview, Narration)
2014 The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association Awards
Best Educational Radio Program

Fumika Hideshima (Narration) 2012 49th The Galaxy Awards (NPO Broadcasting Criticism Meeting)
Honors for Programs Recommended in Radio Broadcasting


It Begins...

Founder of FM BIRD Makiko Stapf Nagakura had already been the world of TV broadcasting as a talent and model since when in university, she was fascinated and had a strong interest in what is going on in the backstage in mid 20’s , that eventually brought her to her new career as a producer, director, and writer in TV/radio broadcasting. In the 1990’s when foreign music gained high popularity, Nagakura found profound potential in radio personality who are bilingual (English and Japanese) at native level, and started working on building a platform to help educate the talents. However, she soon found difficulties in discovering new talent, for no one at that time had knowledge and experience for the platform, hence there was no way to compete major management companies.

In 1994, Nagakura produced the 1st radio DJ competition with the help of Keio University that took place in the renowned university’s annual festival. Winner was Nao Kaneko, still a university student at that time, but already had some amount of experience internationally as bilingual, and had a beautiful voice. Nagakura immediately asked Kaneko to join Nagakura, trained her and run a whole promotion, but it took some time for the industry to recognize Kaneko’s talent. However that did not stop Nagakura, for she had a strong belief that as Japanese media is going to be globalized, Kaneko is someone they will do need, then Nagakura founded what is now known as FM BIRD, management company exclusively in bilingual radio personality.